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ZULQAAS Phytonutrients Serum - ZULQAAS
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ZULQAAS Phytonutrients Serum
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KKM NOT180503209K

Enriched with 10 plant extracts, known for its brightening, hydrating & antiaging properties. The Phytonutrients Serum is formulated with an abundance of nutrients & vitamins from the botanical extracts for healthy skin. With daily use, it contributes to:

1.Reveal plumped & glowy with moisture and translucent skin

2.Helps brighten up the dull skin & tone up uneven skin tone

3.Helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, dark spots & blemish

4.Smooth skin relief for refined skin texture and flawless skin appearance

5.Helps to minimize open pores

6.Rejuvenate & promotes new cell growth which can prevent premature signs of aging, reduce wrinkles & sagging skin

7.Improving skin’s resiliency and youthful look, refine skin texture

Progressively improve the skin looks as the renewal of skin cells biologically takes up to 28days to generate new skin cells. 

Rather than using harsh chemical skin lighteners, this formula gets its brightening effect from natural & gentle ingredients. We use botanical & plant-based lighteners like licorice, chia seed & white mulberry extracts. Our formula & ingredients are free from paraben, alcohol, silicone, mineral oil, colorant & animal derivatives. No need to worry of clogged pores as our formula is a non-comedogenic serum.



1.    Men & Women

2.    Suitable for all types of skin



1.     Twice a day (before sleep & early morning)

2.     Apply after cleanser & toner but before moisturizer



10 KEY INGREDIENTS of plants extract:

1.Chia Seed extract

2.Licorice extract

3.Morus alba extract

4.Rosehip oil

5.Chinese skullcap extract

6.Japanese knotweed extract

7.Rosemarry extract

8.Centella asiatica extract

9.Chamomile extract

10.Tea tree oil extract


Click below for tutorial HOW TO USE:

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Zulqaas Phytonutrients Serum 

(KKM NOT180503209K) diformulasikan sebagai serum muka Vegan berasaskan 10 ekstrak tumbuhan.

3 in 1 Serum muka yang berfungsi untuk mencerahkan kulit muka + melembapkan kulit muka + melambatkan tanda awal penuaan (anti-penuaan).

Tiada bahan kimia merbahaya & pemilihan bahan-bahan adalah sangat terperinci bagi memastikan ianya selamat sehingga boleh juga dipakai oleh orang yang berkulit sensitif.


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